Welcome to zibo LanBang environmental protection technology co., LTD,We are committed to provide you with direct drinking water equipment、Pure water equipment、Ultrapure water equipment and accessories、Heat exchanger cleaning and other products and services。Welcome new and old customers call to inquire!
0.5Tons/1Tons/2Tons/3Tons and other small and medium-sized water equipment
Sufficient spot and can provideOEM
Strictly control the quality of the product

Equipment rack and electric control cabinet:Stainless steel welding material instead of carbon steel spray paint,Long service life20Years。

Electrical parts:All use delixi,Chint a gleam of well-known brands, etc,Quality stable and reliable performance

The connecting line:The Formosa plastics China special high pressure water feeding and health level(Super304Food grade)Polished stainless steel tube

On-demand customized products:Each device from design to installation all according to customers' special field and the water quality requirements,Size、Technology expand the space is large,To meet the various needs of different clients

The winning details:The weld width,Polishing brightness,And each thread head,Articulated and fittings are carefully review,Ensure that each device to workStrictly carefully、Seiko fine productsThe degree of

Most products cost

Our company is equipped with drawing design、High pressure welding,Electrical engineer,Truck and equipment production and installationDozens of professional personnel

Each device from drawing design、Steel tubes、Welding、Production、Electric、Debugging、Transportation、The installation、After sales, etcAll36Process there is no outsourcing,To ensure that the most valuable in the similar products,The most reliable service!

Fast and efficient after-sales service

The company after installation team,PossessDebugging experience for many years,High efficiency,Speed is fast

Receive a call from a customer,24HoursThe problem solution is given,Complete accessories48HoursPersonnel to be present(In the province),Lack of accessories72HoursPersonnel to be present。

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    Zibo zibo LanBang LanBang environmental protection technology co., LTD and affiliated branch water treatment engineering co., LTD. Is located in zibo city town DongSun Village is room,The transportation is convenient,Since2013Since founded in respectively engaged in water treatment equipment design research and development、Production and sales of cleaning and heat exchange equipment installation construction, etc。The company has specialized in reverse osmosis、Soften、Water purification technology research and engineering application of technical personnel20More than,A subsidiary of zibo LanBang water treatment engineering co., LTD. Is responsible for the construction design、Installation and large heat exchange equipment cleaning business,And have professional cleaning team and cleaning technology and equipment,In addition I company closely rely on the modern new and high technology,Giving full play to the advantages of information technology management, etc


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  • Industrial ultrapure water systemEDIDamage to the cause

    1、EDIMembrane block in large current for a long time,Run below the rated flow situation,Plate heat of the lateral accumulation can not be send out,CauseEDICloser to the poles of the diaphragm and netting first hot deformation,EDIStrong water pressure difference increases,The decline of water quality and quantity,Severe carbonization is leaking。 2、EDIMembrane block without cleaning and maintenance for a long time,EDIScaling of the diaphragm and channels,In and out of the water pressure difference increases,Water production declining water quality,Electric current cannot adjust,Voltage rise。3......

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  • Zibo LanBang environmental protection technology co., LTD
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    Business consulting:13409016125 Cheng the manager After-sales service department:0533-6721026 Manager wang
    Address:Zibo city town DongSun Village is room
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